Garden Pavilion Wicklow Plant of the Month - Camellia Japonica

Garden Pavilion Wicklow Plant of the Month - Camellia Japonica
The show-off Camellia is our plant of the month at the Garden Pavilion. Camellias have amazing roselike flowers and lush, shiny evergreen leaves. The flowers range in colour from white to pink to red. Camellias are relatively easy to grow but do have specific requirements:
  • Most Camellia plants are shade lovers and prefer dappled shade to full sun.
  • Avoid an east facing position.
  • A sheltered westerly position is much preferred, avoiding heavy winds.
Camellias require an acidic, well draining soil and will not thrive on chalky soil or other calcium rich soils. Alternatively they will happily grow in a container with the appropriate compost. Camellias are thirsty plants and require lots of water, rainwater is the best, especially in hard water areas, when  tap water can often contain too much calcium. Never allow them to sit in water. Feed Camellias with acidic fertilisers, such as miracid, sulphate of ammonia or sulphate of potash. Using slow release fertiliser pellets mixed through compost for container grown plants is quick and easy and avoids the need to fertilise until the next season. Camellias are early flowering shrubs and form flower buds in late Summer and Autumn, particularly on new growth. Pruning at this time could remove potential flowering growth. The best time for pruning is the Spring, immediately after flowering. Try varieties like "Debbie", Donation" or "Merry Williams" all gorgeous pink varieties. Camellia Japonica's Chinese cousin Camellia sinensis is a plant of major commercial importance as this is the plant that gives us our favourite beverage - tea! For the latest plant special offers from Powerscourt Garden Pavilion in Wicklow, visit our website

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