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Decorate vases and tealights for St. Patrick's Day

Decorate vases and tealights for St. Patrick's Day

It’s easy to decorate vases and tealights for St. Patrick’s Day, so you can have your very own celebration of this day which is celebrated all around the world. It is time to get all the green materials you have at the ready, from glitter to ribbons, foliage to paper, and creative with the Emerald Isle in mind. 

You’ll need glitter to decorate vases and tea lights for St. Patrick’s Day 

Cover your table with a wipeable cloth, and don’t worry about the mess! Grab as much green glitter as you can get your hands on, plus some silver to compliment it. Get some cardboard and cut out some shapes to lay on our tables for decoration. How about a four-leaf clover shape? Once cut out, add some glue and cover with glitter! So much fun! All kinds of shapes can be made, and you can get the kids involved. Then place tea lights into glasses and pop them on top of the cutouts. When the tea lights are lit up, the glitter will sparkle and look fantastic.

Gather green foliage to decorate vases and tea lights for St. Patrick’s Day 

One lovely way of celebrating the Emerald Isle at home is to gather lots of green foliage, lay it on your tables or mantlepiece, and then place tea lights on stands amongst the foliage. Bringing the natural vibe to your St. Patrick’s Day party. Plus, it will look lovely for many weeks if you want to leave it up. 

Ribbon to decorate vases and tea lights for St. Patrick’s Day 

Collect some green ribbon, all of the same green or different shades. Then wrap it around a vase from the bottom all the way around the right to the top. Make sure the whole vase is covered in green ribbon. You could use patterns, sparkles, add some foliage or get creative in any way. The vase can be used as a feature with or without flowers. 

Decorate vases and tea lights for St. Patrick’s Day with some water

  • Get a big clear glass bowl of water and some tea lights for floating in the water.
  • Then use green food colouring to turn the water green!
  • Place your floatable tea lights into the water and light them up.
  • Looks beautifully green, like the rolling hills of Ireland. 

Creative flowers to decorate vases and taillights for St. Patricks Day 

If you have some cut flowers or foliage, even twigs and fallen branches or pine cones and acorns, they can all be glue sprayed and rolled in green glitter. If you don’t have any cut flowers from the garden, pick up a bunch locally and decorate them with ribbons and glitter for the vase…or you might find some gorgeous green flowers that don’t even need decorating.

Plants, green accessories, vases and lots of other choices for St Patrick’s Day, visit us in store.

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