Healing House Plants - good for your health!

Healing House Plants - good for your health!
Healing House Plants This month we are looking at the added benefits of house plants. They are easy to look after and have great health benefits too! House plants are like a large, natural filtration system in your home. As few as 15 houseplants can purify the air of a 1,800sq ft home.
  • They absorb harmful substances from the air.
  • They filter dust and dirt in the surrounding environment.
  • They emit oxygen - refreshing the air in your home.
  • They act as natural humidifiers - giving you cleaner air and easy breathing with fewer colds, less headaches and less fatique.
Plants reduce sound levels, improve the appearance of your home and reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that the very presence of house plants increases positive thoughts and feelings and reduces anxiety, anger and sadness. Plants also have physical healing properties and can soothe irritated skin. To receive the optimal benefits of these plants place them close to your personal breathing zone within 6 to 8 feet of where you work, sleep or spend a lot of time. So what are these plants? An unaffordable exotic plant? Not at all! Most people are familiar with these plants but may be unaware of their benefits. First up is a customer favourite! The Peace Lily or Spathiphylum This plant is great at reducing mould particularly in bathrooms. The plant soaks up the mould organisms through its leaves and transfers the spores to the root to act as food. This helps to reduce the build up of spores on shower curtains and tiles, resulting in less cleaning and easier breathing for you. This plant is also wonderful if there is a smoker in your house which helps clear tobacco pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde from the area. The Peace Lily thrives in a semi shaded area. Water approximately once per week. It will also benefit from misting the leaves once per week. Peace Lily 3 resized 600 The Boston Fern Modern heating and ventilation systems in our homes can leave our skin feeling dry and itchy. Boston Ferns help soothe dry skin by acting as a humidifier. They restore moisture to the air by releasing water vapour in exchange for air born pollutants. The Boston Fern is a classically elegant plant with lucious sword like fronds that arch gracefully. It is another plant that is easily cared for. It loves a bright spot out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil slightly moist and feed weekly. Boston Fern resized 600 The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) The Spider Plant is one of the most powerful air cleansers and has been known to remove 90% of toxins from indoor air in just 2 days! The plant filters harmful substances and aborbs mould spores along with carbon monoxide and formaldehyde which results in less headaches and better breathing. Place your Spider Plant in a bright position away from direct sunlight. Only water every second week as it prefers to be a little drier than most plants and never leave it sitting in water. Spider Plant 2 resized 600 Aloe Vera This very easy to grow plant needs a bright sunny windowsill so it can get lots of warmth and light. Water regularly in Summer but hold back on watering in the Winter months. It will throw up baby plants around the edge of the mother plant - these can be removed and planted to start a new plant. Not enough can be said about the healing power of this plant. Use it to treat minor burns, soothe sunburn, ease the discomfort of eczema and psoriasis, reduce the signs of ageing and brightens skin tone to mention a few. Recent research suggests that Aloe can help with cancer, cholestorol, arthritis, high blood pressure, crohns disease and many more. It really is one to watch! Aloe Vera resized 600 The most surprising healing plant has to be the Gerbera Daisy Most plants release oxygen during the day. Gerbera Daisies take in carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen at night. You will reap the benefits of having this plant placed in a bedroom as it helps to give a deeper more restful sleep. They are brightly coloured and cheery and easy to grow, all they need is a bright spot and keep evenly moist. Gerbera Daisy resized 600

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