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Keeping your hedge trimmer trim

Hedge trimmers are a godsend to a busy gardener. They make short work of clipping your boundaries into shape, producing a beautiful backdrop to the rest of your garden. There's a wide range of models to choose from in our garden centre, from lighter electric models to heavy-duty petrol.

Clipping hedges is a twice a year job – once in midsummer, and again in mid-September to keep them neat all winter. In between, your hedge trimmers need a little TLC to help them work efficiently. Look after your hedge trimmers well and they'll keep working hard for you for many years to come.
Clean blades: sap quickly covers cutting surfaces while you're trimming, making trimmers less efficient. Wash the blade regularly with soap and water, and dry off thoroughly afterwards.
Storing: if you're storing your hedge trimmer for any length of time, empty out the petrol so it doesn't clog up the engine. Clean the blade and protect from damp with a few drops of WD40 oil.
Servicing: before each season starts, service your hedge trimmer, sharpening blades, tightening nuts and bolts and checking spark plugs, air filters and switches. It'll help it working at peak efficiency, and it's safer, too. Ask our garden centre staff about servicing facilities.
Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Enniskerry for more information about choosing and taking care of your hedge trimmer.

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