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Seedy sayings

Look at the back of any seed packet from the range in our garden centre and you'll find a lot of very useful information - not only what the plant looks like, but also how to sow and grow it.

But some of the terms used can be baffling if you're just starting out in gardening. So here's our jargon buster to help you translate:

F1 Hybrid: a variety produced by crossing two pure strains to produce a completely reliable new plant

Under glass: the seed is sown with some protection, usually in a greenhouse or coldframe

Drill: shallow V-shaped groove in the ground to sow the seed into. Use the corner of a rake or the tip of a trowel to make the drill.

Flat-bottomed drill: flat-bottomed trench, U-shaped and often used for peas and broad beans

Prick out: lift young plants out of the seed tray and replant them into pots of compost

Transplant: transfer the plant from pot to its final growing position, usually outdoors in the garden

Harden off: acclimatise young plants gradually to outdoor conditions, usually over a couple of weeks

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Enniskerry for more information and advice about the terminology used on seed packets.

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