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The summer is the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue. The warmth and humidity of the day create an environment that makes your dinner taste all the better. It's also a good excuse to invite friends and family over for a meal. When it comes to choosing what type of grill you should buy, there are many factors to consider. How often will you use this grill? What types of food will you be cooking? These questions and more are all things you must think about before making such an investment. At Powerscourt Garden Pavilion we offer a wide range of Weber barbecues so you can enjoy your garden to the fullest. Stop by our garden centre if you want to take a look at the bbq's in real life. Our team is there to help out.

Cooking outdoors

People are starting to get more conscious about the food they eat, while at the same time enjoying outdoor activities. Barbecues are a perfect way to combine these two. They bring people together under an evening sky and let you cook all your favourite dishes outdoors. Yet, there is also something else that makes barbecues so popular. They have become an integral part of traditional celebrations, no matter what season. Organise an autumn get-together or a winter bbq for the neighbourhood. The heat from the grill will keep you warm on those chilly evenings. What Weber barbecue is your favourite?

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