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There's no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes. So goes the old gardener's saying, and it's certainly true that if you're not properly dressed you quickly get uncomfortable, making gardening a miserable experience.

You'll find a fantastic range of gardener's clothing in our garden centre to kit yourself out whatever the weather.

Outer layers: coats you'll find in our garden centre include wax jackets with practical pockets, long Australian-style trenchcoats for wintry weather, and lighter sleeveless gilets to keep your arms free.

Feet: boots are an essential part of the gardener's armour: choose from practical, easy-to-use wellies, sturdy lace-up gardening boots or classy leather calf-length boots, all available in our garden centre.

Hands: good gardening gloves take the sting out of pruning roses and keep your hands clean and dry. In our garden centre you'll find second-skin lighter use gloves to thick gauntlets for those really prickly jobs.

Head: last but not least, a wide-brimmed gardener's hat keeps the rain out of your eyes, fleece 'beanie' style hats stop wind from whipping your hair into your eyes, and straw boaters keep the sun off on hot days.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Enniskerry for more information and advice about clothing for gardeners.