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Hats for horticulturists

When your precious hour of gardening time coincides with a downpour, or a heatwave, a hat to deflect the water is a godsend, letting you carry on gardening whatever the weather.

Of the extensive range of gardening hats in our garden centre, leather and suede hats are among the most popular for their rugged good looks and long-lasting toughness. Designed for cowboys in the Australian outback, their wide brims are designed to fend off even the most torrential rain. Waterproof waxed cotton wide-brimmed hats are also available.

For an easy-care alternative, brushed cotton 'bucket' style hats with smaller rims fold to tuck in your pocket. Warm fleece 'beanie' style hats are cosy and warm and stop your hair flying in your eyes on windy days; while light cotton breathable fedora sun hats keep the sun out of your eyes and shield you from sunstroke.

Whichever hat you choose, it should fit snugly around your head so you can bend upside down and it won't fall off - yet at the same time it shouldn't be so tight it's uncomfortable. If in doubt, please ask the staff in our garden centre in Enniskerry for more information and advice about choosing the hat that's right for you.

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