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Pond lighting

Lighting your pond at night transforms your water features into breathtaking focal points. Use lighting to create different effects, from romantic havens to dramatic stage sets or fascinating after-dark aquariums for watching fish and other wildlife. Here's a selection from the range of pond lighting you'll find in our garden centre.

Submersible lights: small spots on a weighted base with 12v low voltage LED bulbs under the surface light the water from within, giving a unique view of underwater life and making your pond seem to glow after dark.

Solar lights: the gentle, shimmering light cast by floating solar-powered pond lights creates a romantic, other-worldly effect. They don't need any wiring to install and come on automatically after dark.

Oil torches and lamps: also loating on the surface, these natural lights create a romantic, ethereal atmosphere as they drift across the water. Combine with a pond mist maker for a truly atmospheric effect.

Uplighting: use submersible lights just beneath the surface of the water, pointing up into a fountain or pinpointing a statue, to highlight water features and make them shine out at night.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Enniskerry for more information and advice about lighting your pond.

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